COVID Vaccine Update

by | Sep 1, 2021 | News

The Department of Health (DoH) constantly updates the eligibility conditions to determine which groups can receive the AstraZeneca or Pfizer vaccines.

Though we’re not providing COVID vaccinations to anyone at all, below you’ll find links to reliable information on:

  • who’s eligible to get vaccinated;
  • where the vaccination centres and clinics are located, and
  • how to book an appointment.

Please note: If you’d like to discuss your COVID vaccine options with one of our GPs, you’ll need to book an appointment as usual. We charge regular rates for such appointments (i.e. there will be out of pocket costs).

Who’s Eligible for a COVID Vaccine?

The rules on vaccine eligibility vary among age groups and are constantly changing. For the most up-to-date information, we suggest keeping an eye on the Victorian Government’s COVID website.

You can also use the eligibility checker to determine what vaccine you can now receive.

For Federal Government updates and broader information on the national vaccine rollout, please visit the DoH website.

Where to Get Your COVID Shot

Visit the Victorian Government website for a complete list of vaccine centres in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

You can book your COVID-19 vaccination appointment online or by calling the Department of Health Victorian Vaccine Coordination Centre on 1800 675 398. Most vaccine centres and clinics are VERY busy, but please keep on trying to secure an appointment.

Walk-in appointments are available at some centres – please check the Victorian Government website for up-to-date info, including anticipated wait times.

The closest vaccine centre offering COVID vaccines are:

  • Port Melbourne Vaccination Clinic
    Port Melbourne Football Club (enter via Ingles St)
    541 Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne
    Appointment bookings
    03 7033 1888


  1. Andrew


    How long do we think it will be before someone in their 30s can get the Pfizer vaccine.

    I work as a delivery driver installer for an online company, I’m usually in 20 to 30 people houses a day installing their products.

    If feel at risk of catching it and also of becoming a super spreader it if I do catch it



    • Doctors of South Melbourne

      Hi Andrew,

      Unfortunately, we have no idea when people in their 30s will get access to the Pfizer vaccine.

      There’s very little transparency from the government when it comes to the COVID vaccine rollout. We only get information from the daily news reports.

      We can only hope people like yourself get to choose your vaccination type sooner than later.

      Doctors of South Melbourne

  2. anne gostelow-norbu

    Hi,I am terminally ill with high grade ovarian cancer and my daughter who 29 is my caregiver. We are both very worried because it is very hard to get an appointment for PHIZER jab. Why hasn’t the government prioritised the care giver group?Thanks

    • Doctors of South Melbourne

      Hi Anne,

      As a caregiver, we feel your daughter should have been prioritised as eligible under Phase 1b. However, we’ve heard how difficult it is to secure appointments lately.

      We can only recommend you keep trying. We’re not a COVID vaccination clinic, but you can book online through the Victorian Government (link in the article above) or by calling 1800 675 398.

      Hopefully, the planned increase in Pfizer vaccine stock coming into Australia will improve appointment availability.

      Doctors of South Melbourne


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