Your GP Team

As general practice specialists, the GP team place your health and well-being above everything else.

Each doctor provides the best medical care possible to every patient who walks through our door. You’ll receive the same impeccable service and advice regardless of age, race, gender identification, sexual orientation, or religion.

Everyone is equal in our eyes.

All doctors are Australian-trained and registered with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. They each have extra training in specialty fields valued by the community, including:

What’s more, the GPs take pride in keeping up with advancements in medical science, which benefits everyone.

Your Doctors

Dr Elaine Sung GP

DR elaine sung

Dr Michael Macpherson GP

DR Michael Macpherson

Dr Caroline Roth GP

DR caroline roth

Dr Jeanne North GP

DR Jeanne north

Dr James Redwood GP

DR james redwood

Dr Nick Hudson GP


Dr Achala Manchanda GP


Dr Rachael Sutherland GP

DR Rachael sutherland

Dr Tasha Patel GP

DR tasha patel

Dr Sophie Carter GP

DR Sophie Carter