Dr Judith Kirwood

Dr Judi with flowers

Dr Judith Kirwood


Dr Judith has retired. We wish her all the very best for this exciting stage in her life.

We were incredibly fortunate to have such an experienced medical professional on the team. Judith treated patients from all walks of life for all health conditions.

She trained at Box Hill and Warragul hospitals after graduating from medicine at Monash University. Her training included a paediatric term and a year of obstetrics.

Judith went on to practise at a local family clinic for over a decade. This was followed by a leap into the challenging world of student health at Monash University. It’s here she treated students and staff, with an emphasis on sexual health and traveller’s health.

Before practising at Doctors of South Melbourne, she worked in a St Kilda Road practice specialising in workers’ health, chronic diseases, and travel medicine.

Judith has additional qualifications in international travel medicine and enjoys all areas of women’s health, pregnancy shared care, and contraception advice.

She was also a certified and compassionate prescriber of medical pregnancy terminations.

Judith is an absolute legend. We miss her dearly. 🥲


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