Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

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Treating erectile dysfunction, also known as ED or impotence, remains a subject many men struggle to talk about. And understandably so.

Experiencing a problem downstairs can be pretty distressing. ED can affect your self-esteem, relationships, and mental health, as well as depriving you of the enormous benefits of regular sex.

Yet, erectile dysfunction means different things to different people. Many describe it as the inability to get an erection. More commonly, medical professionals view ED as an inability to maintain an erection for a reasonable length of time.

Who Does ED Affect?

If you’re suffering from ED, trust me when I say you’re not alone. We estimate the condition affects more than one in five Australian men over the age of 40.

Men with pre-existing medical conditions make up a large proportion of sufferers. The main culprits here are obesity and diabetes.

Many find it surprising that we only attribute around 3% of ED cases to hormonal problems. Low testosterone levels limiting erections is largely a myth.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

The internet will no doubt steer you towards any number of ridiculous theories as to the causes of erection problems. However, it’s important to present the facts once and for all.

There are many recognised causes of erectile dysfunction, with most falling into the physical or psychological categories.

Physical causes include:

Other contributing factors involve cigarette smoking, alcohol, drugs, medication side-effects, and insomnia.

Psychological causes include performance anxiety, relationship problems, depression, and stress.

In almost all cases, erectile dysfunction is caused by a combination of factors.

How is ED Diagnosed?

Rest assured, it’s a very rare event that you’ll to drop your pants for an ED diagnosis. If you haven‘t recently injured your penis or noticed any visible changes, there’s no need for me to conduct a physical examination.

However, figuring out why you’re experiencing erection issues is super important. As mentioned above, ED symptoms may indicate something is not quite right with another part of your body.

Diagnosing erectile dysfunction can be simple once we’ve identified the critical problems you’re experiencing. It’s also important to highlight that it’s not all about a quick fix. Diagnosis may involve a blood test and a chat about the most effective next steps.

An ultrasound scan can help in some cases. This is a painless, non-invasive way of getting a bunch of information about what might be happening down below.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Once we’ve figured out the factors at play, we can discuss a combination of treatments – which include:

  • Medications to increase blood flow to the penis, such as Viagra or Cialis.
  • Counselling for those who may benefit.
  • Talking about how lifestyle habits such as smoking, alcohol and diet could be contributing factors.
  • Referring you to a urologist if together we feel surgery is appropriate.

In some more acute cases, vascular surgery or penile implants may need to be considered. Such cases are few and far between.

Men often believe a discussion about ED treatment is going to be hugely embarrassing. Yet without fail, patients tell me how relieved they feel to be finally talking about it. Trust me – as a doctor, I have far more uncomfortable consultations every day.

Start With a Visit to Your GP

GPs are best placed to have open and honest conversations about what’s going on and how it’s affecting you. Our job is to listen and together determine the right course of action to get you back to where you want to be.

We’re here to help in any way we can.

Dr Tasha Patel is a GP at Doctors of South Melbourne. She has s epical interest in men’s health and sexual health. You can book an appointment with Tasha online or by calling us on (03) 8579 6838.


  1. Toby

    Need to book a appointment please

    • Doctors of South Melbourne

      Hi Toby,

      You can make an appointment with Dr Tasha by clicking “book an appointment online with Tasha” above or calling the clinic on (03) 8579 6838.

      Kind regards,
      Doctors of South Melbourne

      • Phil

        Post prosectomy erections. Can you help?

        • Doctors of South Melbourne

          Hi Phil,

          You’re more than welcome to make an appointment with Dr Tasha, yet we feel your urologist would be best placed to advise on any post-prostatectomy questions.

          Kind regards,
          Doctors of South Melbourne

  2. Lucky


    Is Dr. Tasha able to help in Erectile dysfunction and premature Ejaculation?

    • Doctors of South Melbourne

      Hi Lucky,

      Yes, Dr Tasha treats both conditions.

      You can make an appointment with her by clicking the BOOK ONLINE button at the top of this page or by calling us on (03) 8579 6838.

      Kind regards,
      Doctors of South Melbourne

  3. Sundara

    I had an operation for prostate enlargement called TURF about two years ago. After that I could not get any erection.
    Can you treat and how much it cost

    • Doctors of South Melbourne

      Hi Sundara,

      For your condition, we usually start by trying medications. If this is unsuccessful, a referral to a urologist for surgical options would be the next step.

      Costs depend on whether you have private insurance and what type of treatment option you’re considering; a urologist would be able to provide more detailed information.

      You’re more than welcome to make an appointment with Dr Tasha Patel or any of the other GPs at our clinic to discuss this. Alternatively, you can get a referral to a urologist from your regular GP.
      Men’s Health Melbourne might be a good place to start:
      This link outlines the treatment options for erectile dysfunction:

      Kind regards,
      Doctors of South Melbourne


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