October 2019

Eating Disorder Help


Great news for people who need support with anorexia, bulimia, overeating & other related disorders. The government is dramatically improving the affordability and access to treatment for these distressing conditions. From 1 November 2019, eligible patients can receive full Medicare rebates (i.e. no out-of-pocket costs) for: the development of an eating disorder treatment plan by [...]

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Joint Pain Relief


Having a special interest in sports medicine, Dr Greg Clugston wants to get you moving again. As part of an overall management plan, Greg offers in-clinic steroid injections for relief from: arthritis bursitis, and joint problems. Knees and shoulders are typical candidates for the treatment. Other parts of your body may also benefit. Prior to [...]

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Hay Fever Season


Hay fever season is almost upon us, kicking off later in October. It's a time of year dreaded by the one in five Australians who suffer from the condition. Some people get it quite bad; others only experience mild symptoms. Dr Judith Kirwood has written a fantastic  blog post on Melbourne's hay fever season. She [...]

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