August 2019

Dry, Itchy Winter Skin?


Winter brings with it a drop in humidity, which can dehydrate our bodies. We see a lot of patients complaining about dry, itchy skin fearing the worst. Much of the time there’s nothing to worry about. It just takes a little extra effort to care for your winter skin. Here are some tips: Moisturise daily [...]

Dry, Itchy Winter Skin?2019-08-16T11:29:03+10:00

Our Friends Have Moved


Two allied health professionals to whom we often send patients have recently moved. South Melbourne Physio is now located at 98 York St, South Melbourne. Person Centred Psychology has moved from St Kilda Road to 183 Bank St, South Melbourne. Tell them Doctors of South Melbourne sent you!

Our Friends Have Moved2019-08-14T16:41:56+10:00