We’ve recently seen an increase in patients presenting to the clinic with gastro, in particular Giardia infection.

Giardia is a parasite that infects the bowel causing stomach cramps, diarrhoea and fatigue. It’s spread when hands, objects or food contaminated with traces of infected human or animal poo come into contact with your mouth. You can also get infected through contaminated drinking water.

The good news is that prevention is pretty straight forward. An effective method is to wash your and your children’s hands with soap regularly, including:

  • after going to the toilet or playing outside
  • before handling food
  • after being out in public, such as shopping or catching public transport
  • when coming home from work or school.

Other ways to prevent Giardia spreading:

  • stay away from work or school until there’s been no diarrhoea for 24 hours
  • avoid swimming pools until there’s been no diarrhoea for 24 hours
  • don’t share towels, cups, linen or cutlery with an infected person.

Come and see us if you or your child have suspected gastro. Call us on (03) 8579 6838 for an appointment or book online.