Having a special interest in sports medicine, Dr Greg Clugston wants to get you moving again.

man touching bandaged knee

As part of an overall management plan, Greg offers in-clinic steroid injections for relief from:

  • arthritis
  • bursitis, and
  • joint problems.

Knees and shoulders are typical candidates for the treatment. Other parts of your body may also benefit.

Prior to the procedure, Greg conducts a thorough assessment to determine if it’s appropriate for your condition. He uses a local anaesthetic to numb the injection site, meaning it’s all relatively painless.

Most people find their symptoms improve after five to seven days.

The treatment costs $110 on top of the standard consultation fee. New patients will need to book a 30-minute appointment. If Greg has previously assessed you, a 15-minute consult is all that’s required.

You can book an appointment with Greg online or by calling us on (03) 8579 6838.