We’ve recently heard reports of multiple measles cases in Victoria, NSW and WA.

boy with measles getting checked by doctor

In Melbourne, there’s been at least 11 confirmed cases of the highly contagious viral infection. Infected people are said to have visited the CBD, Melbourne Airport and the MCG.

These cases are believed to be linked to a New Zealand measles outbreak around a month ago.

We urge you to make sure your family’s immunisations are up to date. This is especially important if travelling overseas.

We recommended the measles-containing vaccine for:

  • children 12 months+, and
  • adolescents and adults born during or since 1966 who haven’t received two doses of measles-containing vaccine.

People in high-risk groups should take extra care in ensuring they’re immunised. These groups include:

  • healthcare workers,
  • childhood educators and carers,
  • long-term care facility workers, and
  • correctional facility workers.

If you need your vaccines topped-up, please book an appointment online with our nurse or call us on (03) 8579 6838.