Scripts Over the Phone

by | May 11, 2022 | News

If you’re a regular patient of the clinic, you can now request repeat prescriptions over the phone for $22. This can save you time and money by not coming into the clinic for a standard appointment to get your script.

You’ll need to have had:

  • an appointment with us within the last nine months, and
  • the same script issued to you by Doctors of South Melbourne in the past.

As no two medications are the same and health factors vary wildly between patients, your GP will let you know if you can order your repeat script this way. However, depending on many factors, they may still need to get you back to assess you in person.

Please speak with our reception team to request a repeat prescription, and they’ll pass it on to your GP. They’ll also tell you approximately when your GP will respond – typically within a few days (your GP may not be working on the day you call).

If your GP is OK with issuing a repeat prescription, the reception team will contact you to finalise the $22 fee payment.


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