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Safe, Sterile & Convenient In-clinic Surgery

Minor Surgical Procedures

You may occasionally need a procedure that doesn’t require a visit to the hospital, yet is too severe to be ignored. Some examples include:

  • Contraception implants
  • Ear wax syringing
  • Removing warts
  • Repairing minor cuts and lacerations
  • Skin cancer excisions

Every day, the GP team perform minor surgical procedures using local anaesthetic. They work with modern facilities and sterile equipment in our dedicated treatment room – often assisted by our practice nurse.

All doctors are trained in Australian hospitals and will take the time to explain each step of every procedure. They’ll detail what to expect afterwards, at-home care requirements and any follow-ups required.

Please call us for an appointment or book online if you have any worrying lumps or bumps, or simply want to discuss your options for minor surgery.

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