You Spoke. We Listened.

by | May 30, 2022 | News

We constantly strive to refine and improve the service offering to our loyal patients. This way, we can hold our heads high knowing that we’ve done our very best to meet your needs. 

We recently surveyed a random selection of patients to get feedback on their experience with the clinic. They were asked various questions on a range of topics, from ease of making bookings to perceived value and what in-clinic improvements they’d like to see.

Read the key findings from the survey.

We also asked survey participants, “If you could change one thing about the clinic, what would it be?” Unsurprisingly, the two most common answers centred around 1) patients not being able to get appointments on the day and 2) GPs running late for appointments. 

Here’s how we’re addressing these two challenges.

Patients not being able to get appointments on the day
  • We’ve expanded the team of doctors, with new GPs coming onboard over the next few months.
  • We’re rushing to expand the clinic into the building next door, which will allow more GPs to treat more patients in a timely manner.
  • You can take advantage of our waitlist system. Just call our reception team and they’ll add you to the list in case of same-day cancellations.
  • Our reception team are triage dynamos. So, if you’re happy to share with them the nature of your planned visit, they can better find a suitable appointment time or treatment option for you.
  • Ask your GP to give you a flu shot during your next appointment to save you coming back for one.
  • We now offer repeat prescriptions without an appointment, which you can request by calling our reception team. If your GP is OK with issuing a repeat script, we’ll only charge $22 to generate the documentation.
  • For after hours appointments at home, you can contact the National Home Doctor Service on 13 74 25.
GPs running late and not seeing patients at their allocated appointment time

This is an often misunderstood issue in all GP clinics and one that’s difficult to solve.

Doctors run late mainly because patients with multiple health complaints book short appointments instead of longer appointments.* As we like to spend whatever time is necessary to treat your concerns, a courtesy we extend to all patients, such appointments run overtime.

All GPs do their best to catch up, but appointment delays tend to accumulate, especially in the afternoon and evening.

We do everything possible to contact patients ahead of time if their GP is running late, yet this isn’t always possible due to the clinic being so busy.

Vic’s Medical System Under Pressure

Please keep in mind that Victoria’s medical system is under enormous pressure with hospitals overrun, Victoria’s 000 service barely coping, and GPs expected to take up the slack.

We kindly ask that you be patient with us over winter while we push through these challenging times.

* For Medicare cardholders, the out-of-pocket cost is the same for a 30-minute appointment as it is for a 15-minute appointment.


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